FSM Rollout manager, for investments as efficient as the network itself

The technological evolution in telecommunication has never been as fast and immersive as the past 10 years. Telco providers constantly need to expand and upgrade their networks, and there’s always new services and technologies to explore. 

In the Benelux telecom market, many different networks and technologies coexist. This is due to early investments in both fixed and mobile network technology, and a long tradition of integrating telecommunication in industrial processes. 

These different technologies add an extra layer of complexity, especially for the implementation of new solutions and services. Legacy software is not always able to support the current demands, nor to manage this network expansion efficiently. 

Comarch, the leading IT provider in the telco industry across Europe, helps its customers to manage their field operations efficiently with FSM - Comarch Field Service Management platform. 

Comarch currently helps most of the leading European telecommunication companies, such as Future Connections, Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, KPN, and Orange, to rapidly implement new technologies. We help them to meet the service levels and network capabilities that today’s customers expect. 

FSM Rollout Manager, automatic project planning and work schedules

Recent technologies, such as 5G, require the network to become a lot denser and enforce telco companies to invest in huge rollout projects. Comarch FSM Rollout Manager helps service providers coordinate these field investments, with high complexity and many sites. 

It does so by automating the planning of the many sub-tasks. By allowing all departments and subcontractors to work together in the best possible way. From permits, engineering plans and earthworks, to commissioning and documentation, to maintenance and day-to-day management. Every component has its place in the platform, fully in line with its own working methods and processes, no matter how complex. 

The Rollout Manager automatically draws up the project planning and creates the work schedules for the field workers. In doing so, it takes into account the optimal route between several sites, sickness and leave, the skills required, and many other parameters. 

The technician receives the schedule via GSM or tablet, with all tasks and associated information. The operator accepts and logs off the task, uploads photos, or provides additional comments. Last-minute changes are processed automatically, with updates towards the people in the field, and in the dispatcher's real-time overview. 

Moreover, this automation gives the dispatcher more time to assist the technicians remotely, via the chat function in the app. Because no matter how similar the many subprojects are, the situation in the field is never quite standard.

Centralized project management

When the telco operator launches a new feature or technology, it needs to manage hundreds of sub-project at the time. Because an operator installs hundreds of antenna’s, at short notice. 

Portfolio Management automates this work, through a template in which you define the many sub-tasks and their interrelationships.  It will automatically create a schedule for the many sub-projects, and give them a logical place in the overall schedule. This will save a lot of work and, above all, produce a much more realistic result.

Valentín Mejias Ferri, FSM & OSS Pre-sales Consultant: Every Portfolio Manager is developed in close cooperation with the customer. We follow their specific needs and work together as partners. This way, we aim to build a solution that really moves them forward. Because operators face very heavy investments, and this tool can really make a difference.

FSM for all stakeholders

Usually, the Rollout Manager is implemented for project management purposes first, and then the solution is quickly extended to other departments. The many standard functionalities in FSM can easily be configured following the specific needs of each single department, so everybody has real-time access to the correct information. 

The Maintenance and Operations departments often use FSM as a powerful tool for daily management and maintenance. The umbrella departments such as Finance and HR, in turn, like to use the platform for general monitoring of the investment, as well as for the specific reports available in the platform. 

In addition, FSM interfaces with Comarch BI and most OSS and ERP platforms. Ideal for those who like to compile their own reports, or want to further integrate the tool into their existing business applications. 

Forecasting & What if: algorithms for an accurate planning 

At the start of a major roll-out, it is not easy to draw up an accurate overall schedule. People tend to underestimate costs, timing, or the number of people needed. 

In the 'Forecasting & What if' module, algorithms create this planning, based on a much larger set of data and variables than humans ever could. This, therefore, results in much more correct and objective planning. 

As a result, other departments also get the right information early on. HR knows from the start how many people it needs to recruit or train. The procurement department knows exactly how much hardware is needed at each stage of the project, and the back office can nicely group the permit requests to the municipalities. Good preparation is half the battle. 

Efficiency as the key differentiator

New technologies follow each other at a rapid pace, and traffic on today's networks is increasing exponentially. As a provider, you therefore need to invest continuously, to guarantee the best network and service. 

Extreme efficiency is absolutely essential in this highly competitive market. The Rollout Manager streamlines every process, according to your own specific way of working. 

The questions and feedback of existing customers, both leading telco providers and market challengers, help Comarch to continuously finetune its solutions and services. With their expertise, they intend to make their customers more efficient and more competitive. 

Because by the law of large numbers, every detail matters. In the battle for the best network, in the battle for the heart of your users, again, every detail matters. 

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