Wojciech Pawlus, Managing Director of Comarch Benelux, joins the Management Board of Comarch SA, Enhancing Further Growth Prospects for Benelux region

Comarch SA, a global provider of innovative IT solutions, has announced that Wojciech Pawlus, the current Managing Director of Comarch Benelux, is joining the Management Board of Comarch SA as Vice President. This strategic appointment is set to bring substantial growth opportunities for Comarch Benelux, the subsidiary operating in the Benelux, also recognized as the largest Polish investor in Belgium.

Wojciech Pawlus, a highly accomplished executive with +15-years track record in the technology industry, has been at the helm of Comarch Benelux since 2010, building its structures and driving its growth on the Benelux market. His experience in international business development, combined with in-depth knowledge of the Benelux market, has been instrumental in positioning Comarch Benelux as a leading provider of IT solutions in the region.

Comarch Benelux, under Pawlus' leadership, has achieved different notable successes, delivering successful IT transformations to the biggest local companies and global corporations. Benelux Region has become the second largest international market for the entire Comarch Group in terms of revenue and marks continuous dynamic growth.

As a Member of the Management Board, Pawlus will have a direct impact on shaping Comarch's strategic direction and overall growth strategy with an emphasis on the development in the Benelux market. This will enable the subsidiary to accelerate its growth plans, and develop innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Benelux clients from Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Healthcare industries.

"I am honored to join the Management Board of Comarch SA as the Vice President and continue my role as the Managing Director of Comarch Benelux," said Wojciech Pawluś. "This dual responsibility presents a tremendous opportunity to align the strategic goals of both entities and drive synergies that will result in further growth for Comarch Benelux."

By joining the Management Board of Comarch SA, Wojciech Pawlus will also expand his responsibilities and will oversee other strategic European markets as the United Kingdom and Ireland. He will also continue the company expansion in emerging markets as the African continent where Comarch has recently gained key customers in different industries. With his expanded role, Comarch is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging market trends, deepen customer relationships, and forge new partnerships in Western Europe.


About Comarch Benelux:

Comarch Benelux consists of Comarch AG Belgium, Comarch Luxembourg S.a.R.L and Comarch BV Netherlands. From its offices in Brussels, Luxembourg and Rotterdam, the company expands its advanced IT solutions to businesses in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. With a focus on delivering tailored technology products and exceptional customer service, Comarch Benelux enables organizations to optimize their operations, enhance customer experience, and complete digital transformations.